Dexter-Russell 09303 Bone Dust Scraper
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Dexter-Russell 09303 Bone Dust Scraper

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Ensure your meats have a fresh, natural appearance with this Dexter-Russell 09303 bone dust scraper! Its semi-flexible blade can be manipulated into hard-to-reach areas where bone dust can accumulate during the butchering process. Its design also makes it great at scraping off any fat film that may be present.

With a Sani-Safe white poly construction, this scraper is impervious to bacteria to provide superior sanitation. Plus, it has a slip-resistant, polypropylene handle with a molded grip for optimal comfort. Use this scraper to ensure each piece of meat you offer boasts a clean, professional presentation. 

Overall Dimensions: 
Blade Length: 4" 
Handle Length: 4" 
Overall Length: 8"

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