Best man stands up to interrupt wedding ceremony. What he does next leaves groom speechless...

The bride and groom was left in tears after receiving the ultimate surprise gift from the best man. 

Best friend and best man at the wedding, Henry Bernard went out of his way to leave the bride and groom with the ultimate wedding gift.

Always the one to put friends and family first, Henry Bernard is never one to expect anything from anybody. Although he has been struggling to pay his bills in the past few months, the bride and groom, Brad and Elizabeth, have been there to help him through it.

Over the past weeks, Henry has been trying think of ways to repay his best friends back the best way possible.

“They have always been there for me especially the last few months,” Henry stated. “They have treated me like family and it’s only right that I do the same and repay them back. They’re the only friends I got.”

Well said! And a heartwarming gesture for sure - but with little money in his bank account, it didn’t look like Brad and Elizabeth would be paid back anytime soon.

Until, with some spare time to kill before the wedding ceremony, something extraordinary happened:

The couple never expected to repaid back. 

However, that isn’t the case for Daniel as he wanted to make their wedding the most special wedding ever. 

3 months prior to the wedding, he secretly worked two jobs in order to pay for a 2 week cruise around the world totaling a staggering $15,000. He worked nearly 70 hour weeks in order to save up and pay for their wedding. 

During the wedding ceremony, he surprised them with the tickets! Needless to say, the bride and groom were ecstatic and surprised about the tickets. Never did they expect to be repaid for their favors.

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